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Well, it’s the day 99.9% of teachers dread….tomorrow it’s back to school!  We have teacher training/inservice stuff all day for the next two days, then students will be coming at the end of the week. I’m already in game plan mode!! I just wrapped up Country Heat today and finished the Ultimate Reset a week ago today.  I need to keep this party GOING!!


So I have my meal plan set, many of the items already made ahead of time. I’m sticking with some Ultimate Reset recipes, because they are da BOMB!  But also adding a few of our family favorites like the Fixate marinara sauce with zoodles and spaghetti squash. Hubby is in the heat of his golf season, as a coach, so I tried to pick recipes that will heat up nicely, since he gets home later in the evening.


This weekend I have a dinner at friends, and no idea what will be on the menu. I’ll do my best! We are also hosting a cookout/bon fire, but that’s ok because I’ll be in more control of what’s to eat. Don’t forget, it’s totally OKAY to have a treat meal over the weekend…just don’t make it a treat EXTENDED holiday weekend.



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