Weight Loss



Yesterday I completed my last Core de Force workout and let’s just say I’m a little excited about my results!

This 30-day program seriously rocked my world! I was so excited about trying something new and I really needed this excitement to get me through a month that could have easily turned into a cheat-fest.  I made it through Thanksgiving, a week-long girls vacation and shark week. The ONLY reason I didn’t get WAY off track was because of these super fun workouts and my challengers/challenge group for accountability.

I never weighed myself, didn’t take measurements, just selfies to track my progress. I noticed such a difference in my strength alone. This is such an awesome total body program.


I have had several people ask me, “Now that you’re done with Core de Force, what will you do next?” I am the type of person who NEEDS something to follow, a plan, a routine, a schedule. If you are like me, and are in “workout limbo” right now, I have a plan of attack for you!

I LOVED Core de Force and plan to repeat this program, but not until February or March. So for now, I created a workout calendar to get me to the New Year, then starting in January my husband and I will be starting Insanity Max:30.


These workouts are all available through Beachbody On Demand, so if you are a current customer, and have the Club Membership, you have access to all of them! I even included the NEW 21 Day Fix workouts-Remix the Fix! If you are not a current customer, but would like to check out these workouts and 100’s of other, send an email to brownellbootcamp@gmail.com and I can get you information on how to get set up!

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