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We’re Getting Our SH**T Together!


After a week in New Orleans, eating more beignets and po boys than I care to talk about, am SO READY to get back on track! I always enjoy myself at our annual Coach Summit, stray a bit from my usual meal plan. It’s just fun to try foods from other places, and let tell ya, New Orleans has AMAZING food-not the healthiest-but delicious.

It’s funny (or not) how our body reminds us of what I truly wants and doesn’t want. But I have no regrets about this week/weekends choices. We sweat a little every day ate *mostly* healthy, had ALOT of fun and enjoyed NOLA’s finest treats.

My team and I are kicking off our online support group and all starting a brand new workout program. I decided to re-open enrollment, since I had a lot of people asking about the workout videos I posted this week. If you want to join us this is the ABSOLUTE LAST CALL. We are kicking off our prep week this week!

To apply, head to and let’s chat!

Not sure what the heck Shift Shop is? Click HERE to learn more about the newest at-home fitness program!
I will be following a vegetarian version of this nutrition plan, making some simple protein swaps. Below is my Week One meal plan.
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.00.45 PM


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