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80 Day Obsession Weekly Meal Plan + Progress Update

We are going into week two of Phase Three! Time is FLYING...I know, I say that every week. But seriously, this is the first time I've stuck to something past 21 days and haven't gotten bored. It helps that I continue to see progress, the workouts are FUN and new every day, and I've been… Continue reading 80 Day Obsession Weekly Meal Plan + Progress Update

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PHASE TWO: Week One Review

  We are moving right along into Phase Two! This past week workouts were different, new moves, new weights, etc. The thing I love the MOST about this program is the variety in workouts, no two days are exactly the same. If I am being completely honest here, last week was a rough one for… Continue reading PHASE TWO: Week One Review

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80 Day Obsession: Phase One Results & Review

I can't believe it, but Phase One is already over! These last four weeks really flew by, which I attribute to the wide variety of workouts. Throughout the last four weeks, only one workout remained the same-Saturday's Cardio Flow. Otherwise we were doing a different number of sets and reps each week. For someone who… Continue reading 80 Day Obsession: Phase One Results & Review

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What I’m Eating This Week…

It has started. The holiday parties are happening! Every one of our weekends in December has a party planned. I am feeling the extra itch to make sure my weekdays are ON POINT with nutrition and I'm slaying my daily workouts. My "Unstuffed" online bootcamp is underway, and everyone is going strong after Thanksgiving.  I… Continue reading What I’m Eating This Week…