*NEW* Online Fitness Bootcamp

  SUMMER IS OVER…..Wah wahhhhhh.   But it’s okay because that means is time for Fall–pumpkin, football, leggings, sweaters, scarves…ok NOW are you excited?!?!   I’ve been talking to a lot of people who just weren’t ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle over the Summer months–too many parties, weddings, travel etc. But now theyContinue reading “*NEW* Online Fitness Bootcamp”


Looking for a quick “detox” after the holiday weekend? This meal plan will help you get right back on track if you’ve strayed during the holidays.  Check out below the picture for the specifics!  PROTEIN OPTIONS: Grilled chicken Grilled fish Ground extra-lean turkey VEGGIE OPTIONS: Broccoli Asparagus Green Beans Zucchini Cucumbers Bell Peppers Oatmeal canContinue reading “3-DAY QUICK START”